Friday, 27 August 2010

Cornish beaches better than Italian

Going on holiday for the beach, sea and a sun tan?

As this video from the BBC illustrates, why would you chose to visit Italy to sit on tiny over-crowded, often dirty, patches of public beaches or pay a fortune to sit in a forest of umbrellas on private beaches?

In Cornwall (United Kingdom) the sand is just as fine and often lighter than many of Italian coastal towns, there are many small secluded beaches to choose from as well as large expanses too, and they are ALL FREE! Except maybe for the car parks.

Maybe because in Italy you are more likely to get a sun tan :-) If you want to avoid crowded beaches either public or private, stay away from most of the east coast and if you are in Rome then head south by car for an hour or so and you'll find more space. Don't go to the local resort town of Ostia if you can avoid it. The private beach owners throw all of the rubbish and waste that they sieve out from their own sand, then put it on to the public beach areas. I've seen them do it, and this includes broken glass.

I would however recommend the Gargano area of Puglia, or if you are thinking of a UK holiday then West Cornwall... and this holiday cottage :-)

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