Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Caste: How Italian Politicians Have Become Untouchable


This article on the BBC website is yet more evidence that the Italian government is having a laugh at it's own public's expense and of the other European countries who continue to pour their own taxpayers money into a purse to support their corruption. It tells us of a book now published (only in Italian at time of writing) with insight into the corruption, inefficiency and greed that the authors argue permeates every level of Italian government. It isn't as though it doesn't happen in all governments, however the Italians are better at it and proud of it too.

There probably isn't anything in the book that most of the italian public don't already know, most of it is common knowledge but still it goes on.

If you can get a copy, buy it, and give it to your MEP... no, tell them to buy it themselves on their hideously obscene expense accounts.

La Casta: Così i Politici Italiani Sono Diventati Intoccabili
By Sergio Rizzo and Gian Antonio Stella
284 pages, Rome: Saggi Italiani, 2007 (in Italian)

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