Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Better Wait for a Better Beta

Update: 29.12.2006
Blogger is no longer a Beta however I still have the same bugs as mentioned in the original text below. Apparentely there are known issues with Safari which they say are working on... we'll see how long it takes....

This new all singing all dancing Blogger, seems to be an improvement... however, it is only a Beta version and I'm surprised that it is not possible to sign up with the previous version. I say this because here I am trying to create content on my new page and none of the "configure" pop up windows (that I have so far tried) do what it says on the can.

For example the form to upload an image (of only 20k) just hangs forever, so as an alternative I tried putting the URL of an existing image on the web and "save changes" only to get an error message telling me to "Please specify an image" Huh? Isn't that what i just did.

I'll pop back sometime in the not too distant future to see when the Beta has become better. This was first published a month(ish) ago, no change yet.

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